Event: John Christgau @ the San Mateo Library on Aug. 27

John Christgau, a favorite friend of the Belmont Library, teacher, author, basketball coach, playwright ( and one of the most interesting and popular authors ever to introduce a book in our Taube Room) is now launching a podcast titled The Payless Murders on August 27th, 1:30 to 3:30pm, at the San Mateo Library.

John Christgau’s novel Spoon, published by Viking Press, was called a “Candide of the Wild West” and won The Society of Midland Authors prize for “Best Fiction”.

Christgau’s short stories, articles, and humor have appeared in national and international periodicals. His books have been the focus of extensive press coverage, including copy in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Minneapolis Star, Atlantic Monthly, Oakland Tribune, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, Houston Post, and the New York Review of Books.

His recent broadcast credits include a feature on National Public Radio and regional segments in New York, Tennessee, Washington/Baltimore, New Jersey, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, and California. His book Enemies was featured on German Public Radio in 2001 and appeared serially as an e-book on the website GermanCorner.com. He is one of several WWII alien internment scholars who collaborated to produce the photo exhibit The Alien Enemy Files: Hidden Stories of WWII.

Christgau is a frequent guest lecturer to professional and educational groups. He is a native of Minnesota and a member of The Society of Midland Authors. He presently spends his time between Belmont, California, and southern Minnesota.