Our Histroy


How it all got started…

April 6, 1974
Invitations sent to prospective Friends of the Belmont library members suggested by the community librarian.

May 15, 1974
Committee reports filed and the first Board of Directors of the Friends of the Belmont Library organized.

President: Micky T. Hinthorn
Vice President & Membership Chairman: Margaret Bradford
Treasurer: Sharon Rosen
Secretary: Diane Citara
Book Sales Chairman: Margaret Green
Publicity Chairman: Ginny Heitz
1st Book Sale Co-chairmaan & Historian: Maureen Perron
Chairman Activities: Nancy Campi
Creative poster & banner designer: Rosemary Renwick
Community Librarian & ex-officio member: Jean Davis

June 5, 1974
A letter of inroduction of Friends to the Honorable Ferdinand J. Giuliani, Mayor of Belmont, requesting August 3, 1974 be proclaimed “Friends of the Belmont Library Day” – The Friends are the newest civic organization in town!

July 22, 1974
Belmont “City Fathers” during Council Meeetign announce sending a “Resolution of Congratulations to the newly formed Friends of the Belmont Library proclaiming August 3, 1974 to honor this Association and to promote its sale of books at the Belmont Library on that date”. And we received Resolution No. 4153 proudly and gratefully.

August 3, 1974
“Friends of the Belmont Library Day” – a most successful “first” book sale on the library patio.

August 12, 1974
Thanking the City Fathers at Belmont Council Meeting for their proclamation and support of our sale… and publicly thanking Edward D. Vallerga and Merrill Higham for donating their expertise in helping with our organizational matters.

August 28, 1974
Joined the state organizaton, Friends of California Libraries, as an associate member and were told we were their “first” in this category.