Upcoming children events: July 18 – August 4, 2015

Greetings from the Children’s Room of the Belmont Library.  Please join us for the following events:

Magic Dan                                            Saturday, July 18        2 pm
Join us for this fast-paced magic show that is both educational and a whole lot of fun!

Flight (Enrichment Class)                   July 20-22                     2-4 pm
The Hiller Aviation Museum will teach us about gliders, helicopters and rockets!  Ages 7-11.  Registration required.

Write Your Favorite Author               Tuesday, July 21         4-5 pm
We will provide stationery, U.S. postage, and help you find the address of your favorite author or illustrator!

Paws for Tales                                        Tuesday, July 21         6:30-7:30 pm 
Children may improve their reading skills by reading to a trained therapy dog.  Sign up for a 10 minute time slot and join the fun!  Studies show children who are reluctant to read in front of peers are much less anxious with an animal present.  Children do not perceive animals to be judgmental and the mere animal presence helps them become more confident readers.  Pet Assisted Therapy teams and their handlers are from the Peninsula Humane Society and the SPCA’s Paws for Tales program.

Adam Miller-Children’s Folk Singer     Wednesday, July 22     7 pm
Families will have a great time learning about American folklore and folk traditions while singing along.

Rabbits and Poultry (Enrichment Class)  July 23-24                2-4 pm
Join 4-H leader Linnaea Kinsley to learn how to care for rabbits and chickens.  Ages 6-11.  Registration required.

It’s Fun to Share with You!                   Friday, July 24              9 am   (before the library opens!)
Join us for a special storytime and craft designed for preschool readiness.  Children ages 3 and 4 and caregivers participate in hands-on activities developed around helping learn social skills and sharing behaviors.  Please call to registration for this program.

Poetry Camp (Enrichment Class)         July 27-19                       2-4 pm
Poetry is for everyone!  Come give it a try with Belmont Poet Laureate Tanu Wakefield from California Poets in the Schools.  Ages 8-11.  Registration required.

Celebrate the Elephant and Piggie Series   Wednesday, July 29   4-5 pm
Help us celebrate the popular series, Elephant and Piggie, by Mo Willems.  Have your photo taken as Elephant or Piggie (there is a opening for your face in our cardboard cut-out!). Try walking with a nest on your head (to celebrate the book There Is a Bird on Your Head!).  Create your own elephant and Piggie story.  Learn how to draw Elephant and Piggie.  Or, do a maze and try to spot the differences between two pictures.

Jam Making (Enrichment Class)               July 30-31                         2-4 pm
Join award-winning 4-H jam maker Scott brylow to learn how to make jam from scratch!  Ages 10-12. Registration required.

Explore an Insect Discovery Lab             Friday, July 31
                                                                                                         11:30 am-12:30 pm
 for ages 5-10

                                                                                                         1:00-2:00 pm for ages 9-12
Hold and observe a variety of live insects from around the world.  Learn about insect anatomy, adaptations, and defense mechanisms.  Registration is required.  Please note the different time slots for the different age groups to provide more advances instruction for older children.

Bike-Powered Cooking (Enrichment Class)  August 3-4                   2-4 pm
The Iron Chef has nothing on Randy Hopewell of the Belmont 4-H Club who will be demonstrating this little-known skill.  Ages 8-11.  We will start taking sign-ups on July 20.

To register for specify programs above, please call during business hours or register at the service desk.

Marsi O’Malley-Riley

Youth Services Librarian-Belmont Library


(650) 591-8286 X230

Belmont Spangled Banner

It’s been 200 years (1814) since Francis Scott key composed this verse
Here it is slightly altered and certainly worse.

Oh, say can you see by Belmont’s bright light?
What so proudly we hailed as the Friends’ banner gleaming?
Reminding us all the time now is right
To renew your Membership and pledge your plight
O’er Ralston we watched it so gallantly streaming
Your dues pays for programs for which our librarians are dreaming.
Your money insures they still will be there
And Belmont will have the best programs anywhere.

by Pat Barkett

Volunteer Job Opportunity

Love books and love your Library?

Consider volunteering on a regular basis once or twice a month on the weekend to open and close the special little Book Nook in lovely Twin Pines Park.
This job also involves a few hours, with friendly helpers, prior to the weekend opening to shelve books.

Don’t have the time?
Pass this volunteer opportunity on to family, friends, neighbors.
Contact Adele Carney at (650) 593-5650.

Will Libraries Become Obsolete?

Will our cyber society……the iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, Facebooks, Internet info and other such gizmos render our libraries obsolete? Perhaps not. Let me refer to information
in the annual report by Anne-Marie Despain, who is our delightful Director of Library Services.
In the last year (2009 – 2010), over 2.3 million people visited our county libraries and more than 3.9 million books and other library materials were checked out. Over 300,000 hours of computer access were provided, library staff answered more than 200,000 customer questions, and over 31,000 hours of service were provided to the community. Over 6,500 programs and activities were offered to more than 195,000 children and adults. This does not include loans of our electronic/ digital books or ―hits‖ on electronic databases. Soon we will be able to download books for free for a three week period, after which they, like Cinderella, must vanish.

Where does our Belmont Library fit into these figures? We had 554,880 items circulated.
We have 20,416 library card holders and 328,498 people visited our library. Thanks to the leadership of our Belmont Director Kathleen Beasley, the cooperation of Ed Kaufman from
“M” is for Mystery and More, and Joan Peceimer, the Program Director for the FOBL, and the good work of Carol Hatfield, our Publicity person, we have had 20,879 attend our programs in Belmont.

Most recently we were entertained by John Lescroart who read from his latest book, Damage, which features Abe Glitsky as the protagonist. John at one time worked in our Belmont
library, attended Serra High School and went on to earn a B.A. in English with Honors at UC Berkeley in 1970. Some of you may remember him as Johnny Capo and His Real Good
Band. He performed his own songs at clubs and honky-tonks in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been known to bring his guitar and sing for us in the Belmont library. His record label
CROWART features a black feather and is pronounced the way his name is spelled Lescroart….. as opposed to ―les’kwa‖, the way it sounds. He has written 17 novels, and has been
translated into 20 languages in more than 75 countries. In the past decade he has sold more than 8.5 million books, 14 which have appeared on the New York Times best seller list. He is an interesting author and an engaging guy. We were lucky to have him visit our library and we wish him and all of you Double Good Fortune in the New Year.

by:  Pat Barkett, the FOBL President